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MediSPA, located on the second floor of the Hotel, offers health and rehabilitation services and treatments.

We offer classical massage, magnesium oil massage, aromatherapy, massage chair with music, Shiatsu massage chair and massage for kids under 11 years of age.

In addition, we offer salt inhaling chamber, inhalations, infrared sauna, peat cure, paraffine – ozocerite therapy, Vulkan-pack heat treatment and music therapy. We offer local- and SAD light therapy.

We measure your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol level, we calculate your body fat percentage estimation and weight index, we make electric therapy, laser therapy, magnet therapy, ultrasound therapy with curing gel and leg varix treatment with gel.

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Tel: +372 6398718
E-mail: spa@piritamarina.ee


The physical therapists are now working at the hotel’s Sport Center, offering soft tissue therapy, posture evaluation, Schroth-treatment for scoliosis, manual therapy, baby bathing, baby physiotherapy, kinesiology tape, acupuncture therapy and pregnancy therapy.

See more at https://fysioteraapiakeskus.ee/ and ask info@fysioteraapiakeskus.ee

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